Born in South Wales and an avid world traveler, Debbie has seen some of the most beautiful places on Earth, but it was Brevard County that caught hold of her heart and called her home.  Since establishing her real estate license in 1978, Debbie has made it her mission in life to help her clients buy and sell real estate. 

She has built a business following her key principles of clear communication, attention to detail, client advocacy, and comprehensive knowledge of the area.  Debbie’s desire to help people and her love for this community comes through in her every interaction with her clients.  Whether she’s helping a family buy their first home, helping a local sell their current home to upgrade to their dream home, or helping a business owner find a new location to grow their business. 

Debbie comes to every new transaction with positive energy, determination, a strong understanding of the currents driving the market, and the expertise that comes from a lifetime of experience.  She places a high priority on ensuring that her client’s interests are always represented.  

Debbie is incredibly grateful to her clients for the success that she has had throughout her real estate career.  She believes strongly that she should give back to the community that has given her so much.  To that end, she is a member of various community groups including Coastal Poodle Rescue and Brevard Symphony Orchestra. 




Recently my wonderful husband and I were featured in Space Coast Living.


A Whole Heap of Meant to Be’s

26 years

“We met across a crowded room in 1984,” says Debbie of her husband Rance. “I saw him and thought ‘Oh no, he’s going to be trouble,’” giggles Debbie. She was a chef for a tour catering company called Flying Saucers. Rance, an audio engineer working with Stevie Wonder in England, was captivated by the British beauty and was determined to befriend her.

“I was definitely interested in her. I lusted after her,” he smiles brightly.

Debbie finally agreed to go to dinner with him in Austria. He took her out for sushi, but she didn’t like raw fish. “Who eats sushi in Vienna?” she quipped. But later they had coffee and long conversations. “I still wasn’t convinced, but the next day, he came over with a picnic basket and invited me to the Alps. He won me over,” she says.

Just Meant To Be
“It was a coincidence that we met working in Europe and we both lived in Florida,” says Rance who is from Fort Worth, Texas while Debbie is from Cardiff, South Wales. This was one of many serendipitous moments. They had crossed paths at the same shows, in the same cities years before they actually met. “There were a whole heap of meant to be’s” Rance says.

Rance, who works with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young as well as other artists, and who just won the distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award from Parnelli, married Debbie four years later.

Life’s Greatest Reward
When not on tour, Rance is the audio engineer for the King Center. Debbie, an entrepreneur (past owner of the Party Outlets chain,) is a realtor for Dale Sorenson Real Estate. They have one daughter, Corina, and one granddaughter, Olivia Jane. “Having our daughter has been life’s greatest reward,” says Rance.

“No matter what I’ve wanted to do, Rance encourages me and tells me I can succeed. He always believes in me. This, I treasure,” she smiles brightly.

“We don’t really argue. We are there for each other. We allow one another to be individuals,” Rance says. A nickname he had for her in the 80s, “Precious Petal,” is one he still uses today.

The two enjoy traveling and boating together. Both are actively involved in the community and Debbie is on the board of directors of the Brevard Symphony Orchestra, the British American Chamber of Commerce and Coastal Poodle Rescue.