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Preparing Your Home to Sell


When it is time to sell your home, there are some things you can do to present your home in the best possible light. 

Clean.  I can not stress this one enough.  Clean your home and keep it that way.  Consider hiring a local cleaning crew to do a thorough deep cleaning.  That way you just have to do spot cleaning everyday to keep the house looking nice for showings. 

De-clutter.  Eliminate the excess for your living spaces.  Have a wall of family photos?  Consider taking down most of them and only leave up a couple that mean the most. 

Clean off counters. That way buyers can see the house and be able to picture themselves in it.  Packing away little used items gives the added bonus of getting your packing started early.  That is one less thing you have to do once the home sells.

Reposition Furniture.  Most people place their furniture on the walls.  Try grouping the furniture into conversational areas away from the wall.  This will help the buyers see the flow of the rooms and help them envision the placement of their furniture. This will also make the room seem larger.

Smoke.  Air out your home.  You may need to use kilz, paint or hire a company like Serv Pro to eliminate odors.  Smoke outside until the sale is complete.  Nothing turns off non smoking buyers faster than the smell of smoke in a house.

Paint.  Nothing changes a look of a room like paint.  Consider using warm neutral colors to brighten up your living spaces and freshen up tired walls. 

Lighting.  Never under estimate the importance of lighting.  Bright cheerfully lit rooms are welcoming and inviting.  A good rule of thumb is to have a 100 watts of light per 50 square feet.  So change out those light bulbs to a higher wattage.  Consider adding a floor or table lamp as an accent.  Replace burnt out light bulbs.  It will make all the difference when the photographs are taken. Open the blinds and drapes to let in natural light.  You'll be amazed at the transformation a little extra light can make in an otherwise boring room.

Is there something you've been meaning to fix?  Now is the time to finish that project.  Replacing air filters, broken windows or screens, ugly caulking, or loose shingles.  It may not be a big deal to you, but everything wrong is something a buyer counts off in their head as they are deciding if to offer and how much.

Wanting to avoid a surprise during the inspection period?  Consider getting a seller inspection.  It will let you know what you need to work on.  Does your electrical system need updating, are there loose or broken shingles?  With this you can fix it, lower your asking price informing the buyers of the existing problems, or at least you won't be surprised by the buyer's inspection. 

Consider the Curb appeal.  The front of your house is the first thing buyers see.  Clean up the yard, Cut the grass, edge and weed, and maybe plant some new flowers.

All of these things you may say to yourself is just common sense, but this is a stressful time for both you and the buyer and small things often get overlooked.

I hope that these ideas helped you and I look forward to selling your home for you.

Happy Selling!

Seller Home Inspections


Occasionally I meet a homeowner that asks if they should get a home inspection before they list their homes.  The answer is simple. Yes. 

Nothing can kill a deal faster than a bad home inspection.  Frequently, the seller's a caught completely off guard by some thing they did not know was wrong with their home. 

Getting out in front of the problem can keep things from going south.  A seller inspection can let you know what if any problems may come up during an inspection.  Sellers can then make the choice to fix the problems, or lower the price advertising to prospective buyers that the seller is aware of the problem. 

Knowledge is power.  Being informed can mean the difference between a top dollar sale and losing anything from a few to several thousands of dollars off the sale of your home.  Protect yourself and your investment by getting an inspection before you list.

Happy Selling!

Is it Time to Sell


According to Realtor Magazine, there is a 7.3 million housing short fall throughout the US.  Home builders have not kept pace with population growth over the past decade.  Given that fact, you may be wondering if now is the right time for you to sell. 

The answer is yes and no.  Right now there is a strong demand for housing here in Brevard County as we continue to add jobs to our local economy.  However there are a couple of things you should consider before jumping in to sell your home. 

Is your home too big or too small for your needs?  As we get older our housing needs first grow and then shrink as adult children move out.  What was a perfect starter house when it was just you can quickly become cramped and crowded as you add spouses, children or pets to the equation.  Then as you get older and your children move away, you'll find the house can be too big for your needs or too much to maintain. 

Location, Location, Location.  Does the location of your home suit your needs and lifestyle?  Perhaps you've taken a new job that adds time to your commute, or want to move your children to a better school district.  Maybe your neighborhood has changed over time, and it no longer fits your lifestyle.  All are good reasons to

Finally, can you continue to afford to live there?  Perhaps your mortgage, utilities, or taxes are too high.  There are a host of reasons including that commute I previously mentioned why a home might not be as cost effective as it once was.  What ever the reasons, when this point comes, it is time to consider moving to an area that will offer you more financial peace of mind. 

If you answered yes to any of these, then absolutely now is a great time to put your home on the market.  You will more than likely get a great return on your initial investment in your home, and find some place that better fits your needs. 

Whether you are selling or buying, I am always happy to help you with all your real estate needs. 

Happy Selling and Buying!

Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover


I recently held an open house, and the major take away from the experience was that no matter how beautiful the photos can't tell the whole story.  The comment I heard most was that I wasn't sure about this one, but I'm really glad I came, it is a gorgeous property. 

Pictures can tell a thousand words, but nothing can compare to actually experiencing a property.  The best advice I can offer a buyer is go and look at a home.  Nothing can compare seeing a neighborhood and walking through the home.  I have a couple that became a interested in a home based on the pictures.  What the pictures didn't show was that the neighborhood wasn't desirable. 

With this in mind, I would advise buyers to tour prospective neighborhoods.  I also advise buyers to really look at home during a showing.  Pictures don't completely show a layout.  Open cabinets and doors to get an idea of storage.  You may even need a second showing to make your decision.  Visit the home at different times of the day.  You may see different things at different times of the day.  You will never truly know a property until you see it for yourself. 

Happy Buying. 

Brevard Growth Gains National Acknowledgement


The Milken Institute recently placed Brevard County amongst to Best Performing Cities of 2017.  Brevard has jumped an amazing 90 places to 63rd in the nation on the Institute's Where America's Jobs are Created and Sustained List.  Placing the region ranging from Titusville to Palm Bay in the top one-third of large Metropolitan Statistical Areas competing with the likes Austin, Dallas, and Seattle. 

The Institute's report is based on a measurement of the economic performance in job creation, wage gains, and technological development. 

What does that mean for Brevard.  Well it tracks with what we already know.  Jobs are being created here are a fast pace with growth in income and prosperity throughout the county.  Bring more jobs and a steady need for more housing.  If your thinking of selling, now might be the perfect time to get your piece of that growing income base. 

Happy Selling!

Merry Christmas


From my family to yours, we are wishing you a very happy and safe Christmas.



Happy Holidays!


Happy Mawlid un Nabi ,Bodhi Day, Happy Hanukkah, Pancha Ganapati, Winter Solstice (Yule), Merry Christmas, Zarathosht Diso, and Happy Kwanzaa! 

Regardless of your religious beliefs or lack there of, December has long been a time of coming together and sharing the warmth of hearth, home, and family.  This year from my family to yours I want to wish you a safe and happy Holiday. 

Wishing you and your family a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!



Congratulations to this Year's Space Coast EDC Winners


This year I was thrilled to get an opportunity to attend the Space Coast Economic Development Council's Annual Awards Ceremony.  The awards highlighted those members of the community who have contributed to the helping growing our community. 

Arthur "Art" Hoelke President and General Manager of Knight's Armament Company was honored with the Thomas E. Gamble Excellence in Education for Economic Development Impact Award.  His commitment to furthering STEM education in our community has been an inspiration and contributed to the grow of Brevard's manufacturing industry. 

Dr. Abram Walton was honored with the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast’s (EDC) 2017 Volunteer of the Year Award.  As a professor at Florida Institute of Technology and a long time member of the EDC Dr. Walton has encouraged the economic growth of Brevard County through innovation and invention. 

The contributions of the individuals to the growth of our community is to be commended, and is a inspiration to entrepreneurial spirit that will take the Space Coast into the future.

Solar Power


Now that we've gotten through the worse of hurricane season, I am thinking of the people who are still suffering without power here in our country.  While solar power has been available for 40 years, it is still just a small part of our infrastructure.  This is changing as communities and state are coming to realize just how vulnerable we can be without diversifying our power supply.  But there is good news, the cost of residential and business solar power continues to come down. 

Solar power comes it two formats Thermal and Photo voltaic.  Thermal heats plumbing such as solar heated pools (always popular here in Florida) and water heaters.  Photo voltaic generates electricity to power our homes, gadgets, and even our cars. 

When choosing a Photo voltaic system there are a couple of things to consider.  What type of system to do want and whether you want to be connected to the electric company. 

Let's tackle the types of systems first.  Right now there are three types widely available.  thin film, conventional glass framed clip on, and laminated glass.  Thin film systems are installed on flat and metal roofs directly over top the roof.  This cuts down wind resistance and decrease the chance that the system will be removed by high winds.  It also has the added feature of working better in varying light levels for high productivity on cloudy days.  Next is the conventional glass framed system.  This system can be mounted on roofs or at ground level.  They are more susceptible to high winds and damage from flying debris.  Finally, there is Laminated glass systems.  These system are usually bolted onto roofs or at ground level.  They are rated for hail stones up to 4 or 5 inches are stand up better in high winds. 

Now the question of whether you want to be connected to the utilities.  You can have a system that is solar plus storage which allows collect power and store it for use during non power producing times.  This system allows you the flexibility to be on or off the grid.  Net Metering is a system that connects you the grid.  You have the potential to sell power back to the grid, but if power gets cut off at the grid, it gets cut off at your house.  It is possible to have both systems, so that you can flip a switch if the power goes out a disconnect from the grid. 

As you can see, for residential and business purposes there are many options to consider when considering adding solar power to your property.  You are limited only by you building design and your budget constraints. 

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